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Shuker Farm offers a Free Delivery Service, the farm has two trucks and we can supply both residential & commercial quantities. The largest truck can carry a maximum of 320 bales in one load, the smaller truck can carry a maximum of 170 at one time but orders are not limited to that amount.

Our rates

0-19 @ $9.00 per bale
20-99 @ $8.00 per bale
100-199 @ $7.00 per bale
200-299 @ $6.50 per bale
300-320 @ $6.00 per bale

*Includes delivery & GST - minimum order 10 bales.

No Deliveries between Dec 13th & March 1st

Hay can also be picked up year round from the farm at $6.00 per bale by calling in advance – No minimum or maximum ($6.50 for orders above 100 bales)

Opening hours (by appointment only): Monday to Saturday 0700 am to 05.00 pm

Address: 1055 Mira Road South, Darwin River, N.T. 0841