About Shuker Farm Hay Mulch

High Quality Hay Mulch Grown Natures Way in the Northern Territory 

We specialise in hay mulch. Hay holds water in the soil longer than most other mulches. We produce the smaller bales as customers find them more convenient to move, enabling them to put the mulch closer to where they want it spread. Hay very quickly builds up the depth of the top soil and the worms love it, moving in quickly and making the soil even healthier. It is ideal for garden beds, vegie patches, market gardens, erosion control and for establishing new gardens.

Shuker Farm is acutely aware of the invasion of Mission & Gamba grass to the Top End, thus we ensure a great deal of effort and care is taken to keep the mulch as weed free as possible, as providing high quality mulch is of paramount importance to us and our customers.